Cooking and Relationships can go hand in hand. Not just for couples- but for best friends, Dads and Daughters and siblings. Cooking a great meal together is exciting and will strengthen your bond. Teamwork, no matter what type of relationship you have will occur when you cook together! You don’t know where to start ?  Find a great culinary school in your area and sign up. Here is a perfect example of a wonderful school with classes that will enrich your life.


I interviewed Chef Paul Lindemuth again who is Executive Chef for Marcels’s at Maison. Marcel’s Culinary Experience in Glen Ellyn, Illinois has stellar cooking classes and is a retail store that sells cooking equipment, cutlery, and beautiful tabletop items. Here is what Chef Paul said to me about the classes.

“The classes are geared toward serious home cooks and people who are looking to not only learn but to have a social event in the kitchen as well. Our class formats are really varied. Our basic format is a hands on class typically from 8 to 20 students. Every student gets a package of recipes, an apron, a cutting board & a knife. The class is broken up into groups and everyone works together to prep & cook.  After the culinary assistants clear the students sit down and have dinner with wine or beer. So it’s a wonderful learning experience because they get to  socialize and make new friends. One of the most rewarding things about teaching a class is that I see (for instance) 16 students coming to a class; none of whom know each other and having them walk out as new friends. The things that I try to instill in every class that I teach are:

  1. Organizational skills – How to get yourself ready, focused and well prepared before you even turn the stove on. How to read a recipe & assess the level of complexity. How to put everything in it’s place and keep your workspace tidy.
  2. Correct & safe knife usage & how to maintain food safety. All the basic fundamentals that every person in the kitchen needs to address. Plus the finished product should not only taste wonderful but it should look beautiful and appealing on the plate. Because that’s our first impression.

The classes are very broad based and are geared to beginners, proficient home cooks, people who have special dietary needs..etc. One of the biggest satisfactions for me is watching a student amass a new skill set, have the confidence that they can go home & recreate a meal that they would not have tackled without having done it with a group and Chef Instructor.”

So no matter if you’re thinking of taking a class on your own or bonding with your loved one…Go for it ! More photos of Marcel’s Chef Instructors below and beautiful food created in classes.