Bento Boxes with Baby Arugula and Shaved Raw Fennel Salad, Wild Rice and Chicken Salad, Curried Butternut Squash Soup, Warm Savory Artichoke Bread Pudding


     Would you love to have a truly memorable meal for your Wedding, Party or Event ? Source ingredients from your locale including your spirits and craft beers. I recently interviewed Chef Paul Lindemuth from The Art of Food about what he considers to be current & sustainable event cuisine. Here is our conversation:

Chef Paul, what do you consider current food trends and what are people asking for ?

     There are three things that I see as being current in the food world. In the event world and the educational field as well. The Number One thing that I see people tapping into is trying to be aware of eating both seasonally and locally especially during the summer & fall. I’ve watched the proliferation of awareness of Farmers’ Markets here in the Chicago area & people are really jumping into that. Knowing where their food comes from is a big deal. Eating food that is in season such as tomatoes and corn in the summer when we know it’s coming from local sources instead of from a grocer when it may be coming from somewhere halfway around the world and being substandard in quality. 

Number Two:  People are much more interested in expanding their horizons and eating food they’re not familiar with. I’ve even seen that with my more traditional clients. They are thinking more broadly and want new foods presented to them.

Number Three: People  are trying to eat more healthily and eating foods that are sustainable, organic and are good not only for themselves but for the farmer & for the producer as well.

Chef Paul Lindemuth caters social events and teaches as well at Marcel’s Culinary Experience  in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.


Lobster MAC n’ CHEESE    Orzo with Butter Poached Lobster in a Mascarpone Lobster Broth

English Cucumber topped with Smoked Salmon Tartare & Chive Creme Fraiche

Indian Curried Butternut Soup 

Individual Beef Tenderloin Medallions topped with Mushroom Duxelle & Boursin Cheese Wrapped in Filo Pastry

In lieu of a Wedding Cake-An Immense Lemon Tiramisu !