Let’s talk about your beautiful bridal eyes.
If you want your eye makeup to last a lid primer is an absolute must. Purchase a high quality one. Great eyes are done with high end products & brushes. Choose a look you love from a magazine or a website. Then go look for the shadows & try them in the store before you buy. Go a few times if you can; then practice until you achieve the effect that you want. If you are not used to eye makeup, keep your look soft. Remember that really good brushes will do the best job & Blend, Blend, Blend !
Invest in waterproof liner & mascara please. They will last all day & well into the evening.

Now for your brows. They are the frame for your eyes so make sure they are well shaped and clean. After applying your brow pencil or powder be sure to brush through with a brow brush. I prefer a combo of pencil & powder. I know this may sound like a lot of steps but it will be worth it when you receive compliments and see your Bridal photos.
That’s all. Have fun shopping for your fabulous eyes !
Coming soon: Blush & Lips