Happy Fall Brides !
Autumn Weddings are very popular now. Cooler temps and lower humidity are much more desirable than sweltering summer days.
So let’s talk about the finishing touches on your bridal makeup.
    Blush should take a “back seat” to the rest of your makeup. Keep it in the same color family as your lips. Use a really good brush, not the one that comes with the product. Do not take it down lower than the halfway point between your nose & mouth and lightly powder over the blush to give it a more professional, natural look.
Now, for your lips. Lips are sooo personal. Most women are not going to make an extreme change in lipstick on their wedding day.
    For the woman who wants a natural look I suggest a neutral lip colored pencil all over the lip followed by a low key or clear gloss.  If you are going for color please match the pencil to the lipstick. No lip pencil lines!!!  To help keep the lipstick on longer blot and powder between coats. Then finish with a moderate amount of gloss.  Lipcolor REALLY pulls the whole look together so even if you never wear it do a natural color. You will look so much more wonderful in your photos.
Have a beautiful Weekend !