Look at this beautiful, joyous and excited wedding party ! They absolutely loved having their makeup done. It gave the bride (Emily) a stress free day and gave the bridesmaids time to devote to their dear friend-the bride.        Moms love it also… Even the most light and delicate makeup is transformative and takes years off a mature woman.


Many women feel a strong feeling of confidence after applying makeup. I know I do. And having a Pro Makeup Artist apply their makeup for a special event makes them feel pampered & important.

Having spent 30 years in the Television & Wedding industries here is what I know about cameras, even the most high end ones.  Cameras can bring out  irregular coloring of the skin, which nearly everyone has. Also it widens the face itself and the features of the face. 

An Experienced pro MUA will beautifully give a woman flawless skin              (without cakeiness), plus contour and highlight the face for an amazing and natural result.

In closing I would like to say a few words about Weddings in the time of Covid.  I have done three weddings this year- all in the last month. They were all scaled down and one of them was supposed to be a destination wedding but of course took place here in Chicago, the Bride & Groom’s hometown. Everyone I met was very happy. They all adjusted to the new circumstances.  So if you really want to get married soon, make sure your MUA is following all Sanitation protocols. Have a detailed discussion with your prospective Makeup Artist on this subject even before your trial. Ask if she or he have a sanitation certificate.

I hope I have helped with useful information. Above all no matter when you decide to marry, Be happy…Celebrate every day !