I absolutely had to write a follow up to my post regarding all things wedding & Pantone Living Coral ! So I did 4 graduating makeup looks on my friend Gabrielle. I will describe them below with each photo. The 4 diverse looks will display that no matter what the season or event or your comfort level you can integrate Living Coral into your makeup.

The first look is very clean for daytime or for a woman who is most comfortable with a very natural look. It includes soft eyes & peach matte lip.

I added liner to Gabrielle’s eyes for the second look & added more color to her lips plus a peachy gloss.

Gabrielle’s eyes are much more smoky & bronze for the 3rd look with a very nude cream lip.

The fourth look has some gold on the lid and under the inner corner and I added a lush pair of lashes. Her lips are a soft matte Cognac by Nars overlayed with a gloss.



I employed the products and brushes above in doing Gabrielle’s makeup. The products in the first photo and the brushes are available at Che Sguardo Makeup Studio in Chicago. They will ship all over the U.S. & Internationally. If you live in or near Chicago pay them a visit…It’s an amazing place and they offer detailed makeup lessons ! In the 3rd photo are MAC lipsticks and glosses.

No matter what color palette you choose to work in, try the looks above. Enjoy !