The first time I saw Carla Reiter’s Jewelry I was in awe. She literally
knits silver and gold to fashion her one of a kind, never seen before stunning
pieces. Her pink quartz collection (necklace on the right) is particularly well suited for bridal wear.
               I think that this quote from her website speaks volumes about
the artist and her work:
                       Carla began knitting metal in order to make a necklace she imagined and couldn’t make any other way. The possibilities of the technique captivated her, as did the way it felt to wear. “It’s surprisingly soft and caressing,” she says. “Very sensual.”
Each piece in Carla’s limited-production and one-of-a-kind collection is made with a woman’s body in mind. “When I’m working, I’m constantly trying the piece on, tweaking the way the forms interact with my body – a collarbone, a wrist bone. When the piece is lying on a pad being photographed it’s flat. Something crucial is missing. It needs a body to complete it.”

“Someone once said to me that my jewelry only ‘wakes up’ when you put it on. That seems right to me.”   
                     If you would like to see more of Carla’s amazing work,
Take a look at her website:    I know you will enjoy it as much as I do.
                                              Have a beautiful wedding, Wendy from Visage Joli