Your first dance as a married couple…What could be more romantic? The greatest gift you can give each other to make that moment special and truly memorable is dance lessons. Every couple I know who took lessons were thrilled with the results . They felt so close to each other during that first dance & they put on a beautiful show for their family and friends.
    I was privileged to be Joanne’s makeup artist at her wedding . She told me about their dance lessons when we first met. And here is what she told me today:
 I knew always, that I wanted to do something special for our first dance.  Since we didn’t have a “song” that was ours, and Marc was a great dancer, we wanted to do something that was fun, yet not too cheesy.  So we went with a tango, and our song was La Cumparsita – which was an updated tango.  While I was extremely nervous, it was the perfect dance/song that was us.  I loved every minute of it! 
               So you know what,,, even if one of you is reticent or nervous about the lessons, GO FOR IT !
You’ll be glad you did. Enjoy your wedding !

Photograph of Joanne and Marc by Hazelton Photography