Hello ! I know, I’ve been away  for a while. Let’s start with your photographer.
1) Plan a meeting with him or her at your venue or any of the other places where you would like your lovely photos taken.
2) Meet with your deejay or band.
Make sure they know what sort of music you love (or dislike) and give them a list of specific songs that are absolutely must haves.
3) Your Invitations should be sent now and the RSVPs need to be back to you three to four weeks afterwards.
4) I think it is a great idea to get your license 7 weeks before your wedding day. They expire at 60 days and it will  be one less thing to do as your special day draws closer.
5) DELEGATE ! There are so many things to think of and do. Choose one or two people to help with a few things that you can let go of. You can’t do everything especially if you work. Friends & Parents love to help.
I have seen that many times !