More wonderful decisions !  It’s time to see your florist and finalize your choices for in season flowers.
Remember that you  may  want extra for your hair, your maids’ hair or your cake. Take your time choosing. Flowers put the finishing touch on your wedding day.
2) Shop for your lingerie, both day & evening.Of  course nationally Victoria’s Secret is great but if you are in the Chicago area Underthings on Webster has a divine selection.
3) Ask the people you most most care about to speak at the reception. Give them plenty of time to plan their remarks.
4)  Three months before is a good time to go over the details of your menu with your caterer or the venue’s chef. You may guests who are vegetarians, so remember to inform the caterer of this. Take your time and go over all details such as per person price and what that includes.
5)  After you have finalized the order of your ceremony & reception, touch base with all of your vendors.
     Send them an event schedule. If some of your bridal party have changed their minds about hair and
     makeup or if an Aunt decides to have her hair done by your hairdresser, inform your beauty team so that
     changes can be made in the timeline.
6)  Menu Cards… If you do not care to spend the money to have these printed they can easily be done on your computer. There are many templates available online.